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What will a typical day look like?

Of course, there is no typical day for any Pre-schooler, but there is a pattern to the morning which helps children feel secure in their learning and development.

Independence and security


Children are welcomed to Stepping Stones by the staff each day, who are available to talk to parents at this time, or after the session.

Children change into their indoor shoes and hang up their Pre-school bag. Each child is allocated a picture which is printed onto their individual coat pegs. This is followed by free flow play.  Children choose when they want to have their snack, fostering independence.  All children are taken to the large playground and field for big outdoor play. We finish with song and story time then say goodbye as parents collect children from the door.

Lunch Club


Lunch club is an additional half an hour after a morning session or is included in the longer days your child attends.  Each child brings a packed lunch to be eaten at the table with the other children fully supervised by the staff. Good table manners and consideration of other children are encouraged. We often incorporate 'keeping fit and strong' into our activities and find that healthy lunchboxes help to reinforce these ideas.  More information is available in the link below:

HR_toddler_booklet_green.pdf (

Preparation for primary school


In preparation for starting school, many of our Pre-schoolers do one or two full days during their final year with us.  This allows greater individual focus and pursuing interests raised by the children and also helps them get used to being in a school setting for a longer day. We receive a huge amount of positive feedback from parents and children about the fact that we offer these sessions. 

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